What’s the right size radiator for your home?

The first thing to consider when installing electric radiators in your home is: what size radiator do I need? Although an apparently simple question, there are several factors which will influence what size radiator you should choose. These are:
What's the right size radiator for your home?


The size of a radiator doesn’t just have an impact on where in your home you might be able to fit it; different size radiators are also capable of putting out different amounts of heat. You will want to avoid putting in too small (or too few) radiators as that will leave you with a cold room, but you also don’t want to put in too many; not only will that increase your installation cost but it will leave you uncomfortably warm.

In addition to their physical size, we list all our models with a power rating in KW. There are online calculators available to give you a guide as to how much power you will need, and our customer service team are always on hand to answer your questions.


Although not directly related to size, the style of radiator that you choose does have an impact on the heat it produces. For example, our range of German electric radiators has a greater surface area than other models and this means that it gives out more heat for its size.

Wall space

Your choice of radiators will be limited by the wall space you have available to fit one to. We do carry a range of sizes and shapes of radiators and should be able to find you the perfect model to slip into that awkward space – or to become a feature in your newly warm and cosy room.

Modern radiators are much more energy efficient than the old style, so you don’t need to assume that you will need the same size radiators if you change your heating system! Contact us at West Country Heating for more information.

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