What to consider when fitting electric radiators

What to consider when fitting electric radiatorsThinking about changing your heating system can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, and trying to decide if it’s even possible with your current budget can seem like a lot of hard work. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get started.

Measure twice, order once

Radiators are not all made equal. The size of the radiator that you need depends on the size of the room that you need to heat and what other rooms it opens into. A small room with only one door needs less power to hear it than a large room with three or four exits. Even a small difference in measurements can make a difference when we’re talking cubic feet, so make sure that you measure accurately.

Go for flexibility

Electric radiators are the perfect combination of warmth and flexibility. Each radiator has its own controls, which can include a timer, allowing you to choose when and what temperature a room is heated to. The most efficient way to use this is to decide on two temperatures: the minimum you’d like it to be when you’re not in the room, and how warm you’d like it when you are. Moving between these two temperatures using the controls is a fuel-efficient way of heating your home.

Look at features

For some people, design is important. For others, it will be the energy saving aspect which not only saves you money but does your bit for the planet, too. For example, our German electric radiators have a design that maximises the available surface area, heating the room more efficiently. You could also look for models with wireless control, giving you the ability to change the temperature at home when you’re out and about – there is nothing like coming home to a warm house, after all!

We hope this guide has left you feeling a little more confident about choosing electric radiators, but if you have any more questions, then please call us today for more information.

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