What Makes Our German Radiators Different?

German storage radiators offer very significant benefits over traditional night storage heaters. If you are familiar with German storage heating systems you’ll already know how technically advanced and simple to operate they are. German made electric storage heating systems work 24 hours a day and they are widely acknowledged to be the best quality and most efficient electric heating systems available. In addition they are easy to install with no ugly pipe work or maintenance costs like gas, oil or LPG.

Our German Radiators are Storage Heaters but not Night Storage Heaters

Night storage heaters work by heating fire clay core bricks during the night using Economy 7 electricity. It takes some time for them to reach operating temperature and the resulting heat is stored in the bricks and then released into the room throughout the following day. Conversely West Country Heating’s German electric radiators reach operating temperature in minutes rather than hours and they are designed to take only a small amount of electricity to maintain the temperature you have set. This means that you are in control of the amount of electricity you use, which should help to reduce costs.

What Makes Our German Radiators Different?

The Downside of Traditional Night Storage Heaters

  • Requires a lot of electricity to reach operating temperature
  • Temperature control is very difficult
  • Cannot respond to changeable weather, which can result in excess heat or having to use expensive back-up heating
  • Heating rooms that are only used occasionally
  • Large ugly heaters

The Benefits of our German Storage Radiators

German storage radiators are possibly the fastest growing electric heating solution in the UK. Our heaters use a special material called Chamotte. This material is a ceramic fire clay that heats up very quickly and retains heat in the radiators core. This process of continuously generating and conserving heat within the heater core means that the electricity drawdown is extremely low ensuring that your heating is both efficient and cost effective. As soon as the power comes on the radiator element heats up and the Chamotte plates can reach their maximum temperature in just 5 minutes resulting in a warm room in less than half an hour. Compare this with Economy 7 storage heaters that take up to 7 hours to reach optimum operating temperature.

A more responsive heating system provides you with much more flexibility for rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms which only require heat for short periods. It will also enable you to turn up the heat on particularly cold days without having to plan ahead. Because our electric radiators operate on demand you don’t have to rely on expensive back up heating.

Modern Design

Our electric radiators have a much more pleasing look than traditional night storage radiators, with a contemporary, slimline design (Only 90mm deep) and they also come in a wide range of RAL colours.

Our German Radiators are Storage Heaters but not Night Storage Heaters

Many suppliers try to cut costs by using poorer quality ceramic cores. In our damp British climate, poorer quality ceramics found in other German storage radiators literally suck moisture from the atmosphere when they are switched off for some time, especially during the summer months. When they come on in the autumn the water ingress can cause the radiator to short circuit the house electrics and it can also create rusting in the inner casement.

Our blocks are specially manufactured using only the very finest quality ceramic material known as Chamotte, which is 100% non-porous. Although it is far more costly to produce we believe this is required to meet our commitment to supply the best materials available.

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