Top 5 reasons to embrace new electric heating technology

Remember the old electric storage radiators? Ugly, costly, bulky things that stuck out into the room and were cold by the evening, when you really needed the heat?

Up-to-date German technology blows away all those negative features – here are five reasons why.

1. Quick to heat up

New technology developed in Germany means responsive radiators with a huge surface area that uses ‘aeroflow’ – a built-in convection chamber – which draws air around the room while heating it.

So they reach operating temperature in five minutes and then warm the room up within 30 minutes. An overall, cheaper solution.

2. Smaller

The bulk of the old storage heaters is banished.

These German electric radiators are comparable in size to gas central heating radiators and are considerably better looking. They also come in a vast range of colours to match your decor.

3. Easily controllable

A simple dial on each radiator controls the heating on a room-by-room basis using a built-in thermostat. Wireless controls allow radiators to be controlled in groups and remotely with the Tydom Wireless Control mobile phone app.

Either way you have complete control over your heat levels and running costs.

4.More reliable

With no water in the system there are no leaks and the system is virtually maintenance free.

This technology is so robust that the manufacturers guarantee it for 25 years.

5. No-mess installation

Installation, including removal of your old storage radiators if necessary, takes just a day in most cases. Your electrical system will be tested and up-dated if necessary.

There’s no pipework, no mess and it’s perfect for properties without a mains gas supply.

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