Technical Info

The design of our German electric radiators is unique and offers the greatest heating solutions possible for any home or business.

With the addition of a built-in convection chamber, air is able to be drawn in through the inside of the radiator and essentially come into contact with the heating elements of the device.

This process heats the air quickly and provides warmth in a room much faster than other brands of German storage heater do.

The radiator fluting ensures that radiated heat inside the room gets tripled. This system works by drawing cold air up from the floor then through the hollow flutes and replaces it with warm air, subsequently warming all air in the room.

Our Technology

West Country Heating’s radiators are manufactured from sheets of steel and each radiator case is made from powder coated steel and is available in any RAL colour.

From the design of the flutes to construction of the radiator body, all individually crafted by hand, we provide our customers with a finished product that surpasses all other German storage radiators in the market.

We build all our radiators at our factory using stringent quality controls that enable us to provide our customers with a 30 year manufacturer guarantee. In the unlikely event of a manufacturer fault occurring we always replace the radiator, not repair it.

The concept of providing you with a new replacement in case of mishap is based on our confidence in the quality of our manufacture.

Our radiator’s Chamotte clay core is exclusive to West Country Heating and allows it to heat up faster and retain heat for longer than other similar slimline storage heaters.

The actual power input is regulated by the radiator thermostat, which means the clay core will heat up as required, depending on the thermostat setting and the outside temperature, thus giving you complete control over each room’s temperature.

Heating solutions like ours have been successfully tried and tested in Germany and Northern Europe where temperatures can be extremely cold for long periods.

Technical Info

Our radiators

West Country Heating’s radiators are very adaptable and they produce from 500 to 3000 watts of power. They also come in many different sizes and most are only 80mm deep, which makes them extremely versatile when planning where they should be located.

The room temperature can be regulated by manually adjustable thermostats or fully automatic wireless controls. They are extremely easy to install either with a 13amp plug or they can be connected via a fused spur into a standard 230V circuit.