Ultra Slim Storage Heaters

Why Choose Ultra Slim Storage Heaters

If you’ve came across this page, it’s more than likely that you are considering German engineered ultra slim storage heaters. Maybe you currently have night storage heaters or traditional radiators in your home and want to make the change to make your heating more efficient. Whatever your reasons, if you upgrade to ultra slim storage heaters, we promise you won’t regret it.

100% Efficient Ultra Slim Storage Heaters

Yes, you did read it correctly, ultra slim storage heaters are 100% energy efficient and are designed to be used 24 hours of the day. Unlike night storage heaters where you have to predict the weather the next day in order to get the best use out of them. Also, with night storage heaters once you have stored the heat, you won’t be able to stop it from coming out and the heating will tend to run out in the evening, just when you need it most. However, ultra slim storage heaters can reach your desired temperature within 30 minutes and can be controlled all day and night.

The dynamic, ultra slim storage heaters produce outstanding results with even the more powerful heaters costing as little as 7p per hour to achieve a comfortable room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Ultra slim storage heaters radiate and convect warm air to help combat condensation.

Specially Formulated Material

The German electric radiators utilise a material called ‘chamotte’, which is a ceramic fireclay that heats up quickly and retains heat. The chamotte plates reach maximum temperature in 5 minutes, which means a warm room will be achieved within half an hour. The radiator-systems provide control and flexibility at the same time for rooms that require heat for short periods of time like bathrooms and bedrooms. The process of continuously generating and conserving heating results in less electricity being used, which makes the system more efficient, and makes running costs lower.

Innovative Design Covers Larger Surface Area

The ultra slim storage heaters feature a unique fluted design that increases the effective surface area, spreading warmth throughout the entire room and providing an even comfortable temperature from floor to ceiling. The enlarged fins provide superb convection so the whole room benefits from a heated temperature with no cold spots.

Slimline storage heaters are much more slender than Economy 7 storage heaters and the modern design of our radiators are available in many sizes and colours to complement any home decor. You can have your ultra slim storage heater wall-mounted or freestanding, the choice is yours.

Low Running Costs

No other German electric radiators that we are aware of can match our low running costs. On top of that, they are slimline and look incredibly modern in comparison to outdated, bulky radiators and night storage heaters.

Modern Storage Heaters With The Most Advanced Heating Controls

With our advanced heating controls, you have the ultimate control over your heating at your fingertips from a smartphone or tablet or you can set your required temperature room by room, with the simple dial control on the side of the radiator. Alternatively you can choose digital thermostat and timer controls.

30 Year-Guarantee on our Ultra Slim Storage Heaters

The manufacturer is so confident that our German manufactured radiators are built to the best possible quality that they provide a 30 years manufacturer backed guarantee with all radiators.

Installation in Just One Day

You’ll be pleased to hear that in most cases we can install your new heating system in under one day. On the day, we will deliver and install your electric storage heater, set up your chosen heating control and leave no-mess or unsightly pipework. Also, we take no chances with your safety, so rest assured that every single one of our installations is completed by teams of fully qualified electricians.