Are Storage Heaters Expensive to Run?

No, storage heaters aren’t expensive to run. You’ll be pleased to hear that our advanced and energy efficient electric heating systems generally cost no more to buy than alternative systems. It’s important to mention that investing wisely in a cost-effective heating system can be key in saving you money in the long-run, as you won’t have to shell out for costly repairs if something goes wrong.

Why Not Buy Cheap Electric Heaters From a DIY Store?

Cheap to buy is rarely cheap to run when it comes to heating your home and investment in an efficient heating system is likely to cost several thousand pounds. However, most people would regard this as a wise investment that will return dividends in terms of comfort and savings on your electricity bill. Essentially, you pay for what you get.

How Much Are Running Costs?

A 12-month study revealed that the homeowner saved over 34% on heating costs when she used storage radiators. She also stated that her home felt warmer and our radiators offered a more efficient heating system.

Are Storage Heaters Expensive To Run?

The study was conducted in a 1960’s two-bedroom detached bungalow, with cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double-glazing. The property also has no gas, solid-fuel or any other kind of heating, to accurately measure the total electrical usage of power, heat and light.

Following the study, the homeowner saved £199.55p per year, making our storage heaters a solid long-term investment option in comparison to traditional night storage heaters.

Overall, running costs depend on a number of factors: your electricity tariff, the thermostat temperature setting, how your heating system is used (on, off or continuous) and the heat loss of the rooms, so it’s difficult to distinguish without knowing that information.

How Much Do Storage Heaters Cost To Buy?

So you have a clearer understanding of the price, our average installation involves replacing 4 old night storage heaters with our modern efficient German storage heaters.

The approximate cost of these works is usually in the region of £3,500 plus VAT and this price would normally include the decommissioning and removal of your existing night storage heaters.

What Is Included In Our Total Service?

– Complete turnkey service
– Removal of your old heaters
– Upgrade of fuse board to current standards (If required)
– Delivery and installation of new heaters
– Set up of heating control system
– Any other required electrical works
– No mess, no pipework and installed in one day
– Electrical Certificate (Where required)
– 30 Year Guarantee*
– VAT included

Are They Cheaper to Install and In Comparison to Mains Gas?

It appears on the face of it that gas is cheaper to run than electricity. However, if you consider regular servicing and maintenance costs along with the cost of boiler replacement every 10 years, then things look very different. If you consider how much heat escapes via the flue and the overall inefficiency of gas boilers compared to electric, electric storage heaters come out on top.

Will They Save Me Money?

Yes, our storage heaters can save you money on your utility bills, as you will have total control of your energy efficient heating system so that you only consume the energy you need. We have a variety of controls, for you to choose from. You could choose a simple dial on-the-end thermostat or our industry-leading advanced Heat App programme, that can be worked on a mobile device or tablet. Heat App monitors the usage of each radiator in your home so that you know your exact running costs at any given time.

Is Economy 7 The Cheapest Tariff?

Not always, as the daytime tariff is usually on a far higher inflated rate, meaning that the overall cost could be much higher than being on the normal daytime tariff.

How To Find Out More?

You can visit our website to find out more about our cost-effective storage heaters, alternatively, you can request a free information pack to be sent out in the post. The pack contains all the information you need on our modern electric storage heaters and how to book a free survey or get a quote with West Country Heating.


Free Home Survey

We carry out a free home survey so you can see our products at first hand.

Here we will survey the volume of each room and asses the build and quality of insulation. We will take into account the exposure, outside walls and areas of windows. Once we have this information, we can calculate the correct size and kilowatt rating of each appliance required. We also check the capacity of your fuse board and assess any new wiring which may be required.

All you need to do is sit and relax whilst we do all the work.

Are Storage Heaters Expensive To Run?