Modern Storage Heater Radiator

Imaging arriving home after a long day and you want to take off your coats, but you can’t because you have to wait for your central heating to heat up your cold home.

With modern storage heater radiators, you don’t have to sit and wait around for hours for your home’s heating to warm up as you could be sat in your living room in 21 degrees of comfort, in as little as 30 minutes. Which means if you are an owner of night storage heaters in your home, you can say ‘goodbye’ to predicting the weather the night before in order to determine how much heating you are going to need for the next day with our modern storage heater radiators.

Modern Storage Heater Radiator

Think You’re Paying Too Much for Your Heating?

Did you know that you could be making savings on your energy bills too with our German electric heaters? We think our modern storage heater radiators are likely to be cheaper to run and install in comparison to night storage heaters with even the most powerful heaters costing from as little as 7p per hour to run to achieve a comfortable room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. So if you think that you’re paying too much for your heating you could start saving from day one of the installation of our modern German radiators.

Heat Your Home Whenever and Wherever You Want

You want to have access to your homes heating so you can turn it off/on, as and when you need it, that’s why modern electric heaters are designed to be used for 24 hours a day to eliminate the inconveniences that come with night storage heaters. Modern storage heater radiators are designed with your comfort in mind, as once the heaters are installed in your home, they are maintenance free, which will also save you money in the long run. Central heating isn’t always the cheapest option, as there are annual servicing and ongoing maintenance costs that come with it.

Even today’s modern combi-boilers are not expected to perform for a long period of time and can cost thousands of pounds to replace. We believe our modern German storage heater radiators are the best cost-effective solution for your home.

Take Control of Your Heating

Our radiators include the most advanced heating controls that modern electric heating systems provide to give you total control over your heating when you’re on the go. There are two ways you can control your heating, so take your pick:

Digital – you can control your heating digitally using the electronic room thermostat that is built into each modern storage heater radiator and the programming system enables you to set your heating to come on automatically. This control includes a seven day, 24-hour programming system allowing you to preset the required temperatures and heating timing for the whole week.

Wireless – our modern storage heater radiators are wireless ready which means that installation and setting up Warm App Wireless Controls, couldn’t be simpler. All you need to control your heating from anywhere at any time is a smartphone or tablet and you’ll be all set. Warm App allows you to group radiators together into zones allowing you to control exactly when the radiators switch on and off as well as controlling the room temperature. You can also identify where you can make savings in the future too, as you can see how much energy you are using on a daily basis.

Quick, Stress-Free Installation

To cause the least disruption to your day, our team of qualified electricians will provide simple installation within one day with no mess, you won’t even know we’ve been! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a complete turnkey service, meaning that we take care of everything from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our all-inclusive service includes:

  • The removal and disposal of your old heating system
  • Carrying out any additional electrical works that may be required
  • Supply and installation of your new German electric storage radiators

Imagine heating your home to its optimum, most comfy capacity… Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore with our modern storage heater radiators. Get in touch today to find out how West Country Heating can help you change the way you heat your home for good.