Holiday Lets & Landlords

Low running costs are more important than ever when selecting an electric heating system for your rental property as it is a legal requirement to provide the energy efficiency information. Rising fuel prices, energy efficiency and the cost of bills can be a major deciding factor when a new tenant is choosing a property.

Remote Control

We offer a range of heating control systems but the most popular with landlords and holiday let owners is our state-of-the-art Tydom Wireless Control which gives you total wireless control. You decide if you want your tenants or guests to be able to control the heating. In addition you are able to monitor and if necessary control your electric heating so that you don’t experience unexpected costs. This is particularly relevant if you are letting a property with all bills included or running a holiday property.

Another advantage for landlords and holiday let owners of wireless heating control is that it is possible to control the electric heating system remotely. The heating can be programmed to come on before arriving at your holiday property or prior to a viewing from a prospective tenant.

Holiday Lets/Landlords

Benefits Over Gas

Gas prices are lower than electricity and at present it appears to be a cheaper energy option. However if you consider regular servicing and maintenance costs along with the cost of a boiler replacement potentially every 10 years, then you have to seriously question whether the ongoing costs really are going to be cheaper. Add to the equation the amount of heat that escapes via the flue and the inefficiency of gas boilers compared with electric and the cost comparison begins to come down more in favour of electric systems.

Rental properties with gas heating require an annual gas inspection and new EU regulations on flues for rented properties mean that it might be impractical to consider mains gas. Finally if you are thinking of installing a gas heating system retrospectively you have to consider the disruption and mess that comes with it, whereas our German electric heating system can be installed in a day.

We also provide commercial heating solutions for local authorities, community centres, sheltered accommodation, church halls, golf clubs etc.