Manual Dial Control

Our manual dial control is very easy to use, simply turn the dial to select the heat level that you require and the electric radiator will thereafter maintain a comfortable and constant temperature.

There is a thermostat built in to each of our Thermotec radiators and it works by constantly monitoring the room temperature to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature. As soon as the thermostat detects a lowering of room temperature it switches the radiator back on to generate precisely the correct amount of heat to raise the room temperature to your selected setting.

Heating Control Options

We have kept things simple…

Not a fan of the future? No problem, we are confident that our radiators can be used by people of all technical backgrounds.

Our Thermotec radiators are very easy to control, If you are quite savvy, please see the new way of controlling your heating from your smartphone or tablet!

Tydom Wireless Control – The New Way to Control Your Heating

Tydom Wireless Control is particularly good for holiday let and rental properties as it enables landlords to control the heating system remotely.

West Country Heatings german electric radiators are wireless ready, that means installation and setting up Tydom Wireless Control couldn’t be easier. If you are not ready to take the plunge into this new high-tech revolution then you can also control your heating the old fashioned way with our manual dial controls.


You can control your heating system from your smart phone or tablet. Tydom Wireless Control is a wireless heating control system that enables you to group radiators together into zones allowing you to control exactly when the radiators switch on and off as well as controlling the room temperature.

This means that you are able to maximise the efficiency of each electric radiator and review just how much energy you are using and identify where you can make savings. Tydom Wireless Control can also be used to control your existing electric hot water so that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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