Electric Central Heating Installation Gloucestershire

Since its inception West Country Heating has been a vocal advocate of the advantages that electric heating systems provide in regards to heating homes and business spaces in Gloucestershire. However, we have always been certain to make clear our belief that the effectiveness of a good heating solution is dependent upon the technology involved in the system itself.

We believe that heating systems should provide an easy experience for users, combined with low economic and environmental impact.

At West Country Heating we have made it our mission to find the most efficient technology guaranteed to ensure all customer requirements are catered for. During our search it was not long before we found German manufacturing to be the leading force in modern radiator technology.


After much further research Thermotec radiators easily emerged as the best option in our opinion, largely thanks to the outstanding quality of the technology involved in their designs.

A solid relationship between West Country Heating and Thermotec was soon forged on a shared belief in customer focused quality for all areas of the Gloucestershire region, including towns such as Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham.

Customers across the South-West are increasingly expressing their pleasure at having dealt with West Country Heating and have expressed such sentiment via testimonials on our website.

The economic and environmental benefits of our heating systems, along with the simple and fast installation involved, has been a focal point of this praise.

As an electric heating company based in the South-West we are well aware of the concerns that customers of the region have. Because of this, we have developed our business approach to meet the needs of all clients throughout every stage of our relationship with them.

This strong focus on customer requirements has given us the chance to improve on our existing accomplishments with regards to all aspects of the heating industry and has allowed us to grow our business into a leading supplier of electric heating systems in the process.

Every customer of West Country Heating can relax in knowing that much of our business understanding has been established through work that came from personal recommendations made by existing clients who have gone on to recommend our services to their friends and family.