German Electric Radiators

West Country Heating’s low input German electric radiators are controlled independently, which means that each room within your house can be kept at different temperatures’. The radiator thermostat controls a trickle charge of electricity to the radiator so this, along with its 100% heat transfer into the room, makes our electric radiators a far more efficient heating option for your home. In addition, the flexible control and thermostatic temperature regulation means that you only heat the rooms that you want to heat.

A Better Heating System

In theory, wet central heating systems work on a maximum of 85% efficiency. However, when we consider that water is heated and pumped through pipes around the house and most of those pipes are located in areas that are not insulated, i.e. under floor boards or loft areas, there is a loss of heat from the pipes before the hot water even reaches the radiators. This means that in practice the system actually works at a reduced rate of around 70% efficiency. Furthermore, as water cools very quickly, there is also a constant need to reheat the water being pumped around. These are not the only inefficiencies common in wet central heating systems. If you only wish to heat one or two rooms during the day, hot water has to be pumped through the pipes all along the loop, making it inefficient to turn on your boiler just to get instant heat in one room. When you consider the continual rise in energy prices this is not ideal.

Eco Benefits

The advantage of using an electric central heating system is that it is environmentally clean, 100% efficient, and with no annual maintenance cost, it is by far the best energy option for the future. If you have a solar energy system it will work perfectly with our German electric radiators during the daylight hours and it could cost you nothing, whilst maintaining your home at a warm comfortable temperature.

Save On Bills

German electric radiators you will avoid expensive boiler servicing bills, burst pipes or malfunctioning water pumps. The West Country Heating storage heating solution is the perfect answer to rising fuel costs. Our radiators are 100% efficient and don’t produce CO2, making them a cleaner and greener heating option for the future. When fuel prices go up the only way that CO2 output can come down is by improving efficiency. Using gas, oil, coal and wood are bound to result in higher bills as you have to burn more of these fuels to achieve the same heat output and comfort in your home.

West Country Heating’s German Electric Radiators Vs Night Storage Heaters

West Country Heating’s radiators are well designed as well as being modern and slimline making them a perfect replacement for old unattractive night storage heaters. Our Warm App Wireless Control wireless temperature control system is far more advanced than any night storage heater control system and it enables you to control when and how long your heating system comes on both at home and when you are away.

German Electric Radiators

Our radiators are an ideal companion for Solar PV panels as the input is reduced by up to 40% in comparison with the input of a night storage heater so your electric generation during the day can stretch much further. Plus they came in a vast range of colour options and will look great in your home! Check out the images below.

Night Storage Heaters

Older, conventional night storage heaters are large, bulky, unattractive and waste energy by pushing the warm air up to the ceiling. Night storage heaters are usually installed on inside walls as they radiate heat back into the house wall, which means putting them on an external wall is not advisable.

Why Does West Country Heating Win?

West Country Heating’s radiators use much less power than night storage heaters. Every KW of heat is delivered into the room more efficiently with our system. We use trickle charge more frequently to top up the storage, we do not need a high KW load like night storage heaters, therefore we can use a normal 13amp socket.

West Country Heating’s system has surface fluting which radiates from a larger surface area. The fluting draws in cold air from the floor, heats it up and then distributes it throughout the room.