Facing up to winter with the Warm Homes Campaign

Here at West Country Heating we are proud to support the NEA’s Warm Homes Campaign, which aims to ensure that no one has to live in fuel poverty in the UK. However, shocking research from the organisation found that this aim won’t actually be achieved in the average life of a baby born this year.

People without access to warm homes can experience ongoing health problems through ill health. For children, this can affect their education and development, and for older people the reality of heating bills can be the difference between paying for food or for heat.

The NEA has found that there are still four million homes in the UK who have unequal life chances because their home is damp and cold. A child living in a cold house has twice as much chance of having bronchitis, asthma and respiratory illness. That child will also have a higher risk of mental health problems and a higher risk in later life of injuries, accidents and falls at home.

The Warm Homes Campaign has been created to raise greater awareness of the issue, and winter is the perfect time to think about heating accessibility and the importance of being able to live in a home that is dry, warm and comfortable.

If you have an elderly relative or family friend who is affected by the cold, this is the ideal time of year to help. Do they have a heating system that needs to be made more efficient? Could they have electric radiators in the rooms they spend the most time in? Do they need help to make their home warm? Remember, for elderly people or those with compromised immune systems, a warm and dry home can be the difference between life and death.

In the meantime, prepare for Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on 17th February, when there will be a range of awareness building activities and events to help spread the message about the impact of fuel poverty, and ways to prevent it. Find out more here.

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