ELKATHERM Radiators – Our German Manufacturer

ELKAtherm was founded in 1954 and back in the early 60s ELKAtherm developed a mobile electrical stove called ELKAMAT. This was a breakthrough in electric fire technology and the model was soon patented. ELKAtherm gradually developed into a leading manufacturer of electric radiators, fireplaces and stoves based in the Westerwald, near Montabaur. Over the years they extended their range to include storage heaters, electric stoves, chimneys and much more.

In 2003, Lars Henrich took over the company from his father. Building on his father’s knowledge and experience Lars has taken the company forward improving innovation and quality as well as growing expertise with the latest technologies. A sign of the great success of their quality is the VDE certificate and ELKAtherm is one of the few companies that have subjected their products to this intensive scrutiny.

Corporate philosophy

We believe that electricity is the energy of the future and we develop both efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating systems, which helps our customers move away from fossil fuels. With high quality materials, the best know how and the utmost care, we produce the perfect and often customized solution for our customers in the pursuit of our goal of achieving the basic human need for healthy and pleasant warmth in the home.

ELKAtherm offers the best performance in products and services

For more than 60 years ELKAtherm have been working to ensure that people are warm and comfortable in their homes with electric radiators of the highest quality, which are maintenance free with modern technology and years of warranty.

Our Promise for 100% Safety

We want you to be satisfied with us and our products.
Our electric radiators are high quality, efficient products with long warranty periods.

Our electric radiators are absolutely safe and that’s why we subject them to the strict VDE examination.


We are so confident in the quality of our electric radiators that we provide a long warranty as follows:
25 years for fireclay stones with moulded-in heating elements.
All other electronic components 2 years.
ELKAtherm radiators are VDE certified
ELKAtherm is one of the few electric radiator manufacturers with VDE certification.

The VDE electrical safety check tests are based on internationally recognized standards, testing and inspection procedures.


Our electric radiators usually do not need more than one connection from a household outlet and they are ready to install.

Our ELKAtherm electric radiators are characterized by an optimal ratio between convective and radiant heat. They will ensure that any room will reach a uniform temperature and help to produce a consistently pleasant climate.

At the Heart of every ELKAtherm radiator is a cleverly built, extremely heat and energy efficient Chamotte core. Chamotte is aluminium based fireproof clay. The Chamotte core retains heat for longer and takes a very short time to heat, therefore reducing heating times and saving on power.

The Chamotte core plates have tightly embedded heat transmitters which ensure constant and even heat distribution.

Another clever feature is that the Chamotte core is located towards the front panel of the heater and this ensures that heat is radiated out towards the room and is not wasted heating up the back wall.

The steel heating ribs are heated over the entire surface by the fireclay memory core inside the heater. Since the disks lie on the entire heating surface, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the entire surface of the radiator fins.

The chimney like fins at intervals of one centimetre are welded on both sides to the housing. This results in a huge surface area that radiates significant amounts of heat.

For safety purposes all of our radiators have the benefit of single segment shut off, which guarantees protection from overheating.

Our ELKAtherm electric radiators present themselves as modern and timeless and comfortably fit any style of living.

Production of the Chamotte storage stones

The Chamotte stones are produced from a mix of mineral substances. Kilned at 1000 to 1500°C, the stones are formed and equipped with heating elements and high-grade Chromagan. During kilning, the heating elements are bonded air-tight with the fireclay stones. The heating elements end in a contact out of which the lines for the power supply lead.

The Chamotte stones are treated with a special impregnation which prevents them from absorbing moisture.

Production of the Casing

ELKAtherm electric radiators are clad in sheet steel. It is particularly robust since it´s design is stronger than it is for devices made by other manufacturers. During production, the sheet steel is welded with a continuous ribbed plate. Together with the side and cover plates, they are coated in a powder-coating procedure. The coating powder is sprayed electrostatically onto the background and burned-in. The enamelled powder coating is extremely heat resistant and non-sensitive: the coating is burned-in at over 200°C and it is impact, scratch and UV light proof. The radiator elements can be powder-coated in any RAL colour.

Final Assembly and Quality Assurance

During final assembly, the Chamotte storage stones and single segment shut off are glued with heat proof silicon to the cladding and subsequently wired. Then the sheet steel cladding is screwed to the sub-cladding after which, assembly of the side elements and cover panel is completed.

In quality control, each device is again scrutinized as to functionality and workmanship.

ELKAtherm radiators are the product of more than 60 years of innovation, research, rigorous testing and the use of top quality materials. Our electric radiators have been heating homes since 1954. By switching to ELKAtherm heating systems you could save more than a third on your heating bills.