German Storage Heaters

Installed in just one day

German engineering

Slimline and stylish

Lower running costs

30 year guarantee

No maintenance - ever!

Improve Your Home with German Storage Heaters

Imagine your home filled with vibrancy, warmth and love, like it usually is. It’s a nice sight, isn’t it? Now, imagine your home without its vibrancy, cold and dim, where you are wasting heating on a daily basis… It’s an unpleasant sight, and we think it’s something you want to steer clear of, and with our German storage heaters, you can do just that.

Already Own Night Storage Heaters?

If you are an owner of night storage heaters, you will be all too familiar with the pitfalls that come with them. Like, having to predict what the weather will be like the next day in order to gauge how much heating you are going to need. You can also end up wasting a significant amount of heating with storage heaters if your night storage heaters are giving out heat during the day and you’re not there. You will be heating an empty house, wasting precious heating and more importantly, your money.

German Storage Heaters

However, with our German storage heaters, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on a heating system anymore. You can control your heating bills and never feel cold again with our German storage heaters.

You can say “goodbye” to all the inconveniences that come with night storage heaters and welcome brand new efficient German storage heaters into your home.

Why Choose German Storage Heaters?

There are a whole host of reasons why you should choose German storage heaters as the heating option for your home. Firstly, our German storage heaters are likely to be cheaper to install and run and are more efficient in comparison to expensive storage heaters. Our German storage heaters are 100% efficient and we are unaware of any other German electric radiator that can match our low running costs. Did we also mention that our German storage heaters can be installed within just one day as we want to cause the least disruption to your daily routine as possible?

We can also back up our claims too, as even the most powerful German storage heaters cost from as little as 7p per hour to run to achieve a comfortable room temperature of 21 degrees, we think that’s pretty impressive.

Control Your Heating, Anywhere at Any Time with German Storage Heaters

One of the most advantageous aspects of German storage heaters is that you have the ultimate control over how much heating you want, whenever you want. Our German storage heaters are designed to be used for 24 hours a day and reach the required temperature within half an hour for quick and easy access. To have even more control over your heating, you can use Warm App Wireless Control that allows you to alter your heating via a smartphone or tablet.

You can also make savings on your energy bills too with Warm App Wireless Control as you can monitor just how much energy you are using and identify where you can make savings in the future.

German Manufactured To Perfection

Germany is renowned for the quality and reliability of it’s products.and because of this, we are quite confident that our German storage heaters will not fail. In addition we are able to pass on the benefit of the manufacturer’s 30-year guarantee with every new radiator that we supply to give you ultimate peace of mind. Also, all our installations are carried out by a team of fully qualified electricians.

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In this technological revolution, keeping your heating up to date with the times is important. Night storage heaters were a particularly popular option in the UK during the 1970’s, however, we are not in the 70’s anymore and we are witnessing a digital takeover, which brings newer, more advanced heating methods. Contact us today to find out more.