German Electric Radiators

Imagine heating your home to its optimum, most comfy capacity with modern German radiators that are more efficient and cheaper to run than storage heaters… Sound like something you’d be interested in? Keep reading…

Tired of Ineffective Night Storage Heating?

If you have night storage heaters you will be very aware of the inconveniences that they bring to your lifestyle. For example, having to predict the Great British weather the night before in order to judge how much heating you are going to need for the next day, which in itself is a challenge due to its unpredictable nature.

Let’s face it, heating your home with night storage heaters is inefficient as it usually results in excess heat being wasted as you may not need it. Alternatively you may not have enough heat when you really do need it. There’s also the issue of having to use expensive backup heating, which no one really wants to do. Your heating system should be able to heat your home efficiently ensuring that each room is heated to a comfortable temperature.

German Radiators

Night storage heaters are also extremely difficult to control, especially as they cannot respond to changeable weather and they also require a lot of electricity to reach operating temperature which can be expensive.

Night Storage Heaters were incredibly popular in the 1970’s when electricity companies devised the Economy 7 tariff, however, we are not in the 70’s anymore. We are in the 21st century and we have left outdated and inefficient ways of heating your home behind and have made room for more technologically advanced German electric radiators.

No More Waiting Around for Your Home to Heat Up

Did you know that German electric radiators have the ability to heat your home up within as little as 30 minutes? So you can wave goodbye to waiting around for hours in the cold for your heating to reach a comfortable room temperature.

German electric radiators are also cheaper to run and install in comparison to costly night storage heaters. We don’t like to brag, but dynamic German electric radiators produce outstanding results with even the more powerful heaters costing from as little as 7p per hour to run to achieve a comfortable room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. We believe that our low running costs can’t be matched.

Total Control of Your Heating

Imagine having the ability to heat your home whenever you wanted. Yes, you heard correctly. Total control of your heating at your fingertips. So you’ll be pleased to hear that German electric radiators are designed to be used for 24 hours a day and are really easy to control.

All you need to do is set the integrated digital thermostat to your desired temperature (really easy to do) and you’re away! This control includes a 7 day, 24-hour programming system that allows you to preset the required temperatures and heating timing for the whole week. Each radiator and each room can be set to different temperatures and times, too.

Alternatively, you can control your heating from anywhere at any time, with Warm App Wireless Control.

Heat Your Home on The Go

Warm App Wireless Control is the newest way to control your German electric radiators when you’re out and about. All you need to get started with Warm App is a smartphone and tablet and you can start reaping the benefits of this clever little app.

Always wanted a wireless heating control system that enables you to group radiators together into zones? With Warm App you can, as it allows you to control exactly when the radiators switch on and off as well as controlling the room temperature. It also enables you to maximise the efficiency of each electric radiator, as you can review just how much energy you are using and identify where you can make savings in the future.

Increase Your Savings with German Electric Radiators

The heating solution that we provide is 100% efficient as it requires less electricity to heat up in comparison to night storage heaters. They also are maintenance free too, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or annual servicing when you invest in these radiators.

We are so confident in the reliability of the heating system that we provide that the manufacturer provides a 30-year guarantee with every German electric radiator, for your peace of mind.

You could have your brand new heating system installed in your home in a day with no stress or mess. So what are you waiting for? Chat with us today to change the way you heat your home forever.