Digital Heating Control

Digital Thermostat and Programming System

Each Thermotec German radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat mounted in the radiator end panel. It also has a room air temperature sensor below the radiator sensing the coldest air in the room.

The thermostat is capable of maintaining a room temperature setting within +/- 0.2 deg C. This control includes a 7 day 24 hour programming system allowing the user to preset the required temperatures and heating timing for the whole week. Each radiator and each room can be set to different temperatures and times if required.

As the temperature drops in a room the thermostat senses the change and switches the heater on, perhaps for only a short while to re-heat the internal plates. This continual dynamic re-heat process continues thereby maintaining the room temperature. The ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately is one of the great benefits of this type of heating. Because of the ability to heat up quickly and store heat, the use of electricity is limited and the cost of using the Thermotec radiators can be just a few pence per hour.

Digital Heating Control

Digital Operating Instructions