About Us & Our Modern Storage Heaters

About Us & Our Modern Storage Heaters

West Country Heating is an electric heating company with complete faith in the possibilities of electric radiators. We have always believed they are an excellent method for heating any space, provided that quality parts are used to build them and that they ultimately offer controllability, low running costs and an all-round comfortable heating experience.

Our Research

After a great deal of painstaking research it soon became evident that the highest quality and most efficient electric radiators were manufactured in Germany. The next step was to choose the best German radiator manufacturer, and after many months of further research and negotiations we managed to achieve this goal and formed what is now a long-standing relationship with Thermotec GMBH.

Our Success

What started off as a one man band and a ‘can do’ attitude operation quickly gathered momentum as customers began to recognise that our modern storage heaters could offer ‘central heating’ without the high costs, pipes and fuss. Word quickly began to spread that our electric radiators are the best on the market.

Our Goal

West Country Heating prides itself on its down to earth and open approach, and we are very confident that German electric radiators represent the future of heating. As a local Bristol based electric heating company, we hold true to our belief that customer service is paramount.

About Us & Our Modern Storage Heaters

From initial contact we endeavour to give personal service and honest advice through our specialist approach. Such exceptional service and value for money has allowed us to grow our operation to become a leading electric heating company in the South-West.

Rest assured much of our business is generated through personal recommendations from friends and family of customers who have first hand experience of the benefits of our service and the efficiency of our German electric storage radiators.