5 reasons to use German electric heaters in your flat

You shouldn’t be surprised that electric radiators and electric heating are fast becoming the most popular method of heating flats. Hugely more effective than the old night storage heaters, the installation of German electric radiators is the way forward. Here’s why.

1. More slimline than night storage heaters

Our Aeroflow German electric radiators are storage heaters, but they look completely different to the old night storage heaters. Not only can they be produced in any RAL colour, they come in 64 different sizes, so you will be sure to find the perfect radiator for each room in your flat. They are also only 80mm deep which is perfect if space is at a premium.

2. No pipes, no gas, no fuss

Our electric radiators can be installed without any need for pipes, gas or mess, making them the perfect option in a flat where it can be difficult to install big, complicated heating systems.

3. Each radiator can be controlled individually

Simply use the manual dial control to select the level of heat which you require in each room – perfect if some of your rooms are smaller than others. The inbuilt thermostat can also detect when a room is losing its heat, and will automatically turn on to make sure the room keeps at your selected setting. Or why not try controlling your radiators from your smartphone or tablet? The Tydom Wireless Control allows you to remotely control when your radiators turn on, and to what level.

4. They reach temperature in 5 minutes

Traditional night storage heaters can take up to 7 hours to reach optimum temperature, whereas the special ceramic fire clay Chamotte plates in our heaters reach their temperature in just 5 minutes. This not only saves you time but money on running costs too.

5. They disperse heat evenly

Our German electric heaters have a unique fluted design which spreads warmth evenly throughout the room. Traditional storage heaters simply push heat up to the ceiling, meaning you will still feel cold even when they are on full blast. Our heaters will ensure that each room in your flat is at the perfect temperature at all times.

To benefit from German electric heaters in your flat, contact us at West Country Heating today.

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